YES! I Need Help, But Where Do I Start?

Over the last two years, I have visited with 200+ business owners and startup entrepreneurs. In our discussions what I have found is that they all KNOW they need help and they WELCOME it. However most of them have sought it before and have been burned…

In looking over the landscape of today’s marketplace it seems that we are flooded with “experts” or I should say people that have declared themselves an “expert”, to the point that many of the above mentioned business owners have grown weary looking for help and are constantly asking, “Where do I start…???”

I came up with 3 simple areas and a ‘Starting point” that the majority of business owners are looking for:

  • Rapid Growth
  • Viral Visibility  
  • Results Driven Process Automation

For me, looking at this situation from experience, it wasn’t hard for me to identify that MOST of the failings to deliver on improving these 3 areas by these “experts” (ie Coaches/Consultants) in the market could be contributed to three specific issues.

  1. Blowing the Easy, Low Cost/No Cost Starting Point – I submit that many of these experts or coaches, try to sell themselves way too soon. In my opinion and based on the 200 or so conversations with various business owners and startup entrepreneurs, it wasn’t that what the expert was offering was “bad” or even “wrong” for them. What it boiled down to was that the expert didn’t give enough value upfront, didn’t provide a clearly defined path that the prospect/business owner could follow and because of the lack in clarity to that prospective client, there was confusion in the WHY the prospect should use them. Now in my conversations MOST of these business owners said very openly that they felt the coach probably would have been capable of helping them reach the next level, but due to the lack of clarity, and I will use the exact words of several of these business owners, the coach or expert “lacked proving they had the necessary experience…” so in the end it just sounded like a sales pitch.
  2. Failing to provide an applicable “Best Next Step” Offer –  A good offer will instantly over deliver on value in the customers mind, if positioned and packaged right. (You did catch the key part of that sentence, right? “…in the customers mind”) If you can’t visually and verbally take a prospect on a “journey to success”, by drawing out of them, as well as showing them, EXACTLY what together you have identified as a “need to do, create and become a master of” in your Low Cost/No Cost starting point session… How do you expect them to see any value or expertise in a REAL offer, or have a WANT to move forward with you?
  3. And…What’s Next? – Sorry folks! “You brought’em, You train’em!” Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY, likes to feel “had”. If you take someone on that “journey to success” you BETTER be capable of providing a PLAN and implementation process for them that includes the the areas you and that prospect identified in the session… IF, you can NOT provide them with that, do yourself, and all of us that make a living in this expert space, a favor and DON’T START THE JOURNEY!

As “The 10xCoach”, I along with the rest of the team here at Growth Coaching Systems, have simplified our process of nurturing prospects and onboarding new clients to 3 simple steps that provides exceptional value and guidance from start to finish… our journey to success with everyone begins with a conversation over a cup of coffee…

I am Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY! YES… I am PROUD to announce, I AM COACHING! (Right now though, the waves are really kickin’, I have to run…)
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Power In Questions

A couple of months ago I, along with #BAM partner @MikeCalderwood had the privilege to breakdown a really cool blog post from a member of the @JeffShore Team, @RyanTaft, called “Ask The Right Questions”.

Ryan inspired this blog, so I want you be sure to check out his work at So with all of that done, I want you to think for a second about your presentation, about your “attraction” marketing pieces, about your “nurturing” campaigns and finally your conversion or closing questions.

Take a moment to look at them all if you need, and you may want to grab a pen and paper to make some notes.

The power that lives in all these steps of the marketing lifecycle and that repeat as you retarget, up-sell and continue to grow a relationship to gain a referral partner, is the “questions” are you asking and or, causing your target audience to ask themselves, about their business and personal growth that will cause them to take action. Let’s face it, there are a few that will buy on “cool” but the majority are going to buy on value. Due to this fact, you have to cause your target audience to not only see the value but cause them to want to take action that will add that value to their life and or their business.

On the #BAM Blog Breakdown ( we breakdown blogs and give application so that our listeners will be capable of applying the information from our expert bloggers to get REAL results. In Ryan Taft’s piece, he shows us that there is “Power in questions”, but you must know your audience, know your product/service and have the expertise to deliver and or cause that audience to internalize and question themselves so they understand and want the value you bring in the solutions you offer. Only by doing this can you truly obtain the sales and profits your are wanting in your business.

Enjoy this breakdown – be sure to go to the Channel and subscribe.

I am the 10xMind, Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY! Surround yourself with high performers if you are wanting to be a high performer. You can find many by LIKING and SHARING at From there you can actually book a FREE 30 minute “Get to Know You” call with Bryan.

Surf’s up… I am heading out!

3 Lessons We Can Learn From American Sniper

Love it or hate it for whatever reason you may have, there are 3 very valuable lessons we can learn from the movie American Sniper. No, it is not how to be better at shooting people or better at tactics in battle or war, but it is much more about the attitude and the mindset that Chris Kyle, “American Sniper” displayed.

Serving a Purpose Greater than Yourself – If you know anything about the SEAL Training, you know that they intentionally put these recruits through absolute hell. Sleep deprivation, limited rations, brutal and odd extended climate trainings both in the water and on land… The “washout” rate is incredibly high, however for those that endure they develop a mindset, utilize an internal GOD given drive and actually LIVE to serve their fellow man, teammate and this country. The honor that graduation brings is supernatural and the ones that live this life, live it to serve a purpose greater than themselves, greater than their team/unit and greater than the military.

How do we apply this? Business Coaches everywhere for decades have been teaching and preaching “find your passion”, “follow your heart and live your dream” or “if you love what you do you will never quit”. All are valid points, key ingredients and very useful affirmations.

I am going to submit to you here though that few entrepreneurs or even people, have the ability, given our society, public school ideology and other ancillary influences, to actually be capable of conceiving a “dream” or finding a “passion” large enough much less that they  can allow to consume and drive them to mastery so they serve a purpose greater than themselves.

To take this even one step further, despite the catchy phrases, cool buzz words and fancy weekend courses – most of the “coaches” operating in today’s expert space of personal development do not have this ability for themselves and have not taken the long hard road to study, learn and develop this very powerful mindset for themselves by taking in years of neuroscience, psychology, human performance and high performance studies. Many have not even been a part or played a role on a “team” of any kind that this would have begun that journey. For success, real success… This ABSOLUTELY MATTERS.

“Aim small, miss small” –  bullseye

So many people wanting to teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to improve their marketing, their message and their results… It makes me laugh when I talk to folks about this, because it is a simple concept with a HUGE upside – “Aim small, miss small”…. The proof that this concept works for business is all around us when we sit and discuss our “target market”. The big corporate giants have been using it for years and their profits keep going through the roof.

So why is this so hard for entrepreneurs and small business to grasp? “Aim small, miss small” for our application just simply means “know your target audience, right down to the point where your message speaks directly to ONE Person, to solve ONE Problem (that is worth solving for that ONE Person) with ONE Product or service that you or your business does BEST. I mean, have YOU ever seen a Coke-a-Cola commercial that had Diet Coke, Coke Classic and Dasani water being promoted/advertised at the same time? Case in point!

Simple, yet I offer that 95% or more of all small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t get it and struggle due to taking the traditional “shotgun” approach. With many still hiring marketing and advertising “professionals” that all they know is the shotgun approach… Funny isn’t it?

Defining Your Life Worth Fighting For – At first glance you are going to say this is the same as number 1… I am going to suggest that we change the perspective here just a bit, think back to the ending scene of the movie “American Sniper” for a moment. In that scene Chris and Taya shared a powerful banter where she verbalized how proud she was that he had fought so hard to overcome PTSD and was becoming the husband, father and community leader that the country, state and community which he served needed so desperately. His comment back was “You (our family) were worth fighting for…” This is a personal journey. One that we all must want and walk it for ourselves. Being able to “define the life worth fighting for” for yourself is often difficult, but very rewarding.

Now, look at yourself. What are you doing to improve you? What is it in your life that is that “something worth fighting for”? Yea, I know the automatic response is my kids, my wife, my family and friends…. But are you honestly and truly doing anything to improve yourself so that you can transcend to become that person in your definition? Become the “hero” to your family. The “superman” your wife/husband dreamed about marrying as well as your kids dream about you being…. The leader that our world and society are longing for…

My point here is that Chris Kyle, did whatever it took to be the best “him” he could be, for himself as well as those around him. He, like all of us had his mountains to climb, he struggled with his drive and determination to never quit until he won. He was humble, didn’t do it for the recognition. It was something that, I am all but certain, when he set out, probably unsure and uncertain where the journey would take him, but it was that drive and desire to never quit and win – be the best him, something that was instilled by his father that in the end defined him.

What’s defining you?
I am the 10xMind, Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY. Time to go improve my skills…. Surf’s up!

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Hooray For Mistakes!

The #10xMind, along with #businessadvantage #BAM partner @MikeCalderwood use the awesome blog posting from EOS Implementer, Jim Coyle, to give another #BAMSLAM home run performance and application steps learned from Jim’s message!

Talk about “added value” and information that can make REAL results in your life and business… Jim Coyle certainly delivers and we can not thank him and all the Implementers at EOS for allowing us to introduce, breakdown and make insightful comments on such great content.

ENJOY! And get on over to and SUBSCRIBE along with checking out all of the other #BAMSLAMMING home run blogs we have had the privilege of breaking down in a fun and energetic way.

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Power Up Your Content!

WOW! Talk about A LOT of great content flying around in the social-sphere these days! If you take a moment to sit back and take it all in, you will see exactly what I’m talking about. There are so many great messages being put into informative content out there that if you’re looking to improve your health, your relationships or your business there truly SHOULDN’T be a problem… Why are so many still searching?

Many of you that follow my blogs know that I work to help people find and define their “best next step” and then help them achieve or exceed it. At times this is a daunting task. Not because I, or people I know can’t help them, but because of all the “content and messaging” that is out in the market has blurred their mind and their visions. The common buzzword for this is “noise” that clutters the market and many minds.

But wait! I did say it was great content, didn’t I? I did! Here is the problem… THAT IS ALL IT IS.

See the POWER in great content is much more than just a clear usage of visuals and language. The message within the content MUST make a connection either consciously or subconsciously leading the audience to the APPLICATION. The content that is flooding the air and internet waves is great “information”, but most of it, and I must say I have been guilty of this myself when I first started putting out content, falls short of completing the mission and leaves the reader, viewer or listener hanging.

At this point, you are pondering this and wondering “how is that”? The content I am reading follows the framework of intro, clearly stated problem, education, solution and how to get the solution. What did they miss?

Remember, I said you should sit back and take it all in… Most people think that all of these folks putting out all the content are just KILLING it with profits and clients. Well…. what if I told you THEY ARE NOT?

The people that are truly breaking through and transcending to success in both notoriety and profit are the ones that very subtly giving a way to APPLY their solution without having to purchase a product. If you don’t think this is true, go read, watch or listen to what appears at face value to be “really solid content”… Now, go read, watch or listen to something from the people playing at the top of the game- Brendon Burchard, James Arthur Ray, John Maxwell, Chalene Johnson, Natalie Jill, Jack Canfield, Dr. Joe Vitale, Bo Eason and the very well known TONY ROBBINS… Great content is an understatement… try LIFE CHANGING CONTENT WITH SIMPLE APPLICATION WITHOUT EVER EVEN GOING TO THEIR WEBSITE OR LEAD PAGE! BUT THEY MAKE YOU WANT TO!!! 😉

Great content MUST have simple application to solve a problem, that IS worth solving for the audience it is speaking to and the application must be included within the framework of the content. Trust me, ANYONE can get up and spew out words… If you need examples, I can name a few Televangelists that boy did they spew a message! What it lacked was APPLICATION… so they made a quick buck or two, where are they now?

I am Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY! Being a connector is AWESOME, being a connector that TEACHES PEOPLE HOW TO CONNECT… MIND BLOWING!!! I love it… WOW, these waves… gotta go!

Seriously? Have You Considered This?

In coaching one of the most challenging and empowering things is helping people discover “who” they are or have become on their journey thus far, “where” they currently are according to them in living their dreams and then the most empowering of all these, “what” their desired end result is.

Reread that incredibly long sentence. Maybe…yes read it one more time and then focus on “what their desired end result is”… Hmmmmm… Interesting, huh? How many reading this have even ever thought that there could be an end, much less some type of “end result”… How many put “desired end result” in the category of declaring the outcome of a proposal, product or project? Have you ever thought about how the “end result” of your life affects all of those others?

My #BAM partner and I were breaking down the very powerful and insightful blog by James Arthur Ray called “What Are You Willing to Risk” ( I embedded the BAM epsisode at the bottom fo the page) where James points out that the “desired end result” is on of the most fundamental questions we must keep asking ourselves as we progress this journey of life. Defining who we are and more importantly who we want to become is all based on what end result that we are shooting for. Funny thing is most have never slowed down long enough to think specifically about this, much less work with someone to help discover and define it. As James quotes in his blog, “As you look back across your life, you don’t have the most regret for the times you said “yes. ”You have the most regret for the times you were unwilling to say “yes.”

You may want to take a moment, reread that and allow it to sink in a bit.

In looking at this, I have to be bold and seriously ask you, “have you ever considered any of this?” If today was your final day, would you know exactly who you were to the people that surround you? Better yet, who are those around you? Will they be at your funeral? Who will they say you were? Would you have become or lived the life of who you wanted to be? Or as in James’ blog the question comes up, “did you even LIVE at all?”….

The desired end result. What is it? What life do you want to live and what are you willing to do to have it?

I submit and challenge you that are reading this that you CAN have the life you want. It isn’t a dream, it CAN be reality. I know this because I have seen it and I am living it. It does come as everything does at a price, but the reward is 10x the happiness, the satisfaction, the stability and the ability to fully live life.

Here are 3 simple steps I took to begin my journey, and the ones I recommend to all of my clients.

  1. Hire a Coach
  2. Read! (I suggest “Harmonic Wealth” by James Arthur Ray, The Charges Life by Brendon Burchard and EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey to start off with)
  3. This is the hardest of the 3…. Give Yourself Permission to:
  • Let Go
  • Transform
  • Achieve

Honestly, number three is the key. Without that permission, no one can help you and reading will only be information, but you can find information almost anywhere… Gaining knowledge that will help allow you to achieve is found in the books listed above. Comes down to how bad do you want it.

I am Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY! Do yourself the favor of discovering and defining your desired end result. It will make all the difference in the world as to what happens in the “dash” between your birth and your death. Surf’s up… You coming?

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How Are You Serving Your Clients?

A title with a question! Not always a good way to start a blog post, however I did get you here to read it, so… it worked! Almost half of 2015 is gone. We are rapidly approaching that crucial mid-year mark where, as a business owner, it is a MUST to do a complete business review. A MUST because without it you will NEVER know what is truly working well and what isn’t. Being mid-year, this allows you time to make slight adjustments and still achieve the years goals. I strongly recommend getting on scheduled with your coach ASAP! If you don’t have a coach, but need the review done CLICK HERE I can get one scheduled for you. Reviews… Mid-year… Goals to achieve…. How are you serving your customers? Are you putting them first and yourself last or it is all about the sale? The answer to this question may make all the difference in whether or not you hit or exceed the goal or not. Check out this extremely well done blog from Bob Burg CLICK HERE to go directly to “When The First Becomes Last” on Bob’s site. Mike Calderwood and I, Bryan Kiser had an absolute blast breaking it down and discussing the application of this blog on the #BAM Blog Breakdown, it truly is a #BAMSLAM HOME RUN from Bob Burg! Check it out below!

I am here to SERVE, so IF you would like more information on getting with Bob or a member of his team, contact me here and I will make a personal and professional introduction so you can quickly get started on your journey to success. As mentioned above, it is “business review” time, IF you do not have a coach or consultant, but don’t feel you and your team are reaching your full potential, a “White Board Session” is an affordable and effective way to see EXACTLY what is working as well as what is not…. I can help get that scheduled for you, all you have to do is CLICK HERE. I am Bryan KIser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY! Heading in to watch my business game films, see what is working well and what is NOT… After that, I am going surfing! Later….

Watch Your Business Game Films!

You can find this blog in it’s entirety by CLICKING HERE, I strongly recommend it!

Be sure to ask yourself, “Are you having your team celebrate the “wins” or are you just focused on the “losses”?

Why Video? – Nurturing Videos

This “Why Video” series has been so much fun to not only write, but also in making the video blogs for each piece. As we move on in the series to a somewhat newer concept for many entrepreneurs, “NURTURING VIDEOS”, be sure to go back and review previous blogs for added value by CLICKING HERE.

Nurturing Videos are a fairly new concept to the entrepreneur, one that “Jay the Video Guy” and I assure you won’t take long to take off in a MAJOR way.

People often want to know what the “World’s Greatest Connector” (ME) does and or is. This blog is actually providing me a perfect platform to answer that question. In the “7 Steps of the Marketing Lifecycle (below) you will see the first 3 steps are Attract Interest, Capture Leads and Nurture Prospects. As I strive to live up to and exceed expectations of being the World’s Greatest Connector, I focus daily on being the absolute undeniable MASTER of those first 3 steps. It’s what I am BEST at and what I love doing MOST. One of the ways I work with people on getting connected to the RIGHT people, is by teaching them how to nurture and “RE-TARGET” prospects in a very intentional and strategic way. The utilization of video allows them to bring to life their uniqueness in both the context and messaging of the video. This is EXTREMELY POWERFUL, to be able to connect with your prospect in a very personal and emotional way, making video the highest converting media in use today.

lifecycle-marketing-full-diagram NO COPYRIGHT

In now having looked at the Marketing Lifecycle Diagram, can you see how mastering the ability to “nurture” is a MUST? Can you see how utilizing video to do so can actually help you 10x your conversion rate, upsells and referrals? Remember, people BUY people, NOT products and services, so when you have the knowledge and ability to nurture a new relationship as well as RE-TARGET a current customer with the very accessible and readily available medium of VIDEO, it creates a whole new world of ability to build and grow RELATIONSHIPS.

Now, you want to know HOW to produce a nurturing video, right? Here ya go!!!

7 Quick and Easy Steps to create a Nurturing Campaign Using Video

  1. Know how the lead (prospect) came in, which lead magnet attracted them. Be sure to go beyond just knowing for what product/service but actually build your system to tag them with their specific and distinct personality DNA. IMPOSSIBLE to nurture if you can not keep the connection because you are not speaking directly to their personality!
  2. Make sure nurture pieces, whether video, audio or email stick to your CORE MESSAGE
  3. Be CONCISE, CONSISTENT AND ORGANIZED – this means your campaign must be VERY strategic and EXTREMELY intentional on leading them to the sale
  4. Use your uniqueness and authentic self to deepen the emotional reason for “why they care”
  5. Nurture with EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. Educate, entertain and inspire while telling your story and how you and others benefited from your product/service
  6. DO NOT OVERLOAD THEM – make the videos short, concise, yet powerful and space them out
  7. Be prepared and have the ability to RE-TARGET them and guide them into a different variation of your campaign or to another product entirely.

And YES, product videos are great for this, as long as you keep these 7 steps in mind when producing and using them.

I am Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY! You know it!!! THE WAVES OF THIS NEW MEDIA ARE PERFECT, I am going to go “learn to surf’um!”

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Why Video? – Attraction Videos

To recap and build on the last blog posting titled simply “Why Video”, it is time to dive in a bit deeper and understand the difference in some of the more popular video types for entrepreneurs/business. In this piece we will begin with what I think is the most popular type of video, the ATTRACTION VIDEO.

Think of an attraction video in the same manner that you would when you were single and looking for a date. Hair, clothes, mannerisms, style, walk, car, places you went, etc. where all intentional on ATTRACTING someone you wanted to date. There were three ways that you “promoted” yourself to the “target date” market… 1. You met someone and you personally told them all about yourself and promoted how loving, caring, exciting… and on and on… you were. 2. You had your “wingman” or “girl friend” talk you up and promote you to prospective dates…or 3. You did the blind date deal in an attempt to show a person directly that you were worthy of dating and them dating you… Now take those thought and let’s move into the business world and apply it similarly.

In creating an attraction video you use these same types of methodologies with the intent of getting people to be “interested”. Your intentional goal is that the video generates interest in your business and that they will take the time to “give you a try” or at least a serious look. An attraction video is the perfect tool to provide the opportunity to tell people what solution you provide with a specific product or why you created a certain service. This also allows you to make a “personal” connection with them. By utilizing this style of video, you show people that they are not facing this problem alone. You begin to create a community around both the problem and the solution you are providing, all of which is telling a story and showing your “target audience” that you providing this solution through this product means more than the amount of money it costs.

Let me give an example. Say you owned a tire shop and sold tires and products associated with tires. In making your video you might want to think about putting out an attraction video that provides drivers with the ins and outs of changing a tire safely on the side of the road. Your business is to SELL TIRES, but by providing “Intrinsic Value” that will keep them safe, now they see and feel that you truly care about their safety as they go from point A to point B. It is a proven fact that consumers pay up to 300% MORE for products and services with HIGHER intrinsic value or value outside what they really see in product or service.

Here are the 7 Fundamentals to producing a good ATTRACTION VIDEO:

  1. Definitive beginning, middle and end
  2. Clearly stated call to action – tell them EXACTLY what you want them to do
  3. An appeal to the emotional by clearly giving them the “why should I care?”
  4. Define your target audience well and TELL THEM WHY THEY ARE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE in the story
  5. Place an attention grabber that defines the “problem worth solving” BOLDLY in the beginning
  6. Share your “WHY” for this being your “problem worth solving”
  7. Show them YOUR uniqueness.

By following these ste[s you will be able to produce an attraction video that will make people want to reach out, connect with you just so they can learn more and get the same problem solved for them.

I am Bryan Kiser. I live BOLD, with purpose and GRATITUDE by serving others FEARLESSLY! Don’t waste your time shooting an “unintentional video”. Utilize these essentials and MAKE ONE THAT COUNTS! Surf’s up… THESE WAVES ARE HOT!!!

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